December 31, 2003

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! May 2004 bring happiness and joy to everyone. To quickley sum up 2003: it was a year of.... concerts! And lots of 'em! Nothing too remarkable occured this year. I started this site, got sick with bronchitus twice during both SARS outbreaks, finished up my internship (my first "real-life" job), I went to Las Vegas and Algonquin Park for the very first time, and I finally get to do my art major.

Here are some of the best things of 2003:

Music: Jason Mraz, Michael Bublé, Coldplay, John Mayer
Movies: Finding Nemo, Lost In Translation, Big Fish
TV: Canadian Idol, Alias, The O.C., Miss Match
Concert: Coldplay, Blue Man Group, Jason Mraz
House: My bedroom makeover

I've got loads of plans for next year... looking forward to 2004!

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December 28, 2003

Boxing Day Madness

Well, power shopping is over for me. The few days leading up to Christmas I was running around shopping every day for gifts. I finished up my shopping at 5:50 pm on Christmas Eve- 10 minutes before the Eaton Center closed. My sisters and I were hanging out in the food court by the Queen's subway station at around 6. We didn't know it until it was on the news, but there was a gun firing somewhere on the upper level of the mall at the same time. Scary :O Christmas was my day of rest from shopping, then the craziness started up again for Boxing day at the Eaton Center. It was so crowded in some parts of the mall that we were moving like snails. Literally. I didn't get too much stuff though... I just ended up buying a couple of CDs and a shirt from Esprit.

So how was my Christmas? It was pretty unventful... nothing too special. I did, however, make Belgian waffles with a new waffle maker my mom bought a few days before. They didn't turn out so great because I used cake and pastry flour instead of all-purpose (there's a difference??). So, they weren't light and fluffy. But I think the recipe also sucked because I made apple cinammon waffles yet I could barely taste any apples or cinamon. A had a more successful baking endeavor in the afternoon when I made peanut butter cookies... yummm. I had also used the cake and pastry flour, but I guess it wasn't as catastrophic as when I used it for the waffles. Later that night I received a calll from Jason in L.A, which was a really nice surprise and a great end to the day.

So how was your Christmas and Boxing Day?

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December 24, 2003

Deck the Halls

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Christmas List

Things I love about the Christmas season:

    :: Pretty lights and Christmas trees
    :: Christmas songs
    :: Christmas movies
    :: Yummy treats
    :: Buying and wrapping presents
    :: Unwrapping presents
    :: Sending cards
    :: Time to relax
    :: Outdoor skating

Things I hate about the Christmas season:

    :: Long lineups in stores
    :: Finding parking at the mall
    :: Excessive commercialization
    :: Putting up and taking down the Christmas tree
    :: Obligatory gifts that have no meaning
    :: Scary elves
    :: Fruitcake

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Liquid Turkey

Ever seen the new Turkey & Gravy Jones Soda? Apparently, they've been selling like hotcakes and now they have no more. Would you ever try it? It sounds quite nasty... I wouldn't know what to expect from a drink inspired by meat and fat.

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December 22, 2003

Happy Winter!

First day of winter! 'Tis the season of snow and peppermint hot chocolate! Saturday night I went out to Nathan Phillips Square with friends to see the Strange Fruit performance and to skate. Strange Fruit did their Spheres performance (which is only performed at night) with big bubbles... I enjoyed this one better than The Field one that I saw two summers ago. I took a few pictures of them- I hope they turn out because there were some really spectacular colours.

I'm about halfway done my Christmas shopping... I'll be doing some more today and tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be running around doing last minute shopping on Christmas Eve like I normally do, LOL!

Last night I watched Swimfan. That movie was absurdly ridiculous... I couldn't believe I wasted 85 min. watching something like that! The plot was unbelievable and the acting was terrible. I don't understand why Erika Christensen would ever be in this movie after doing Traffic. Terrible... don't watch the movie! Another movie I watched was Waking Life. Now that's a really interesting movie. The animation style changes from scene to scene, and even though it's really stylized and trippy, there's a sense of realism. I think they filmed the actors and coloured them in to create an animated feeling to it. Not only was it visually captivating, but the things being discussed in the movie were pretty interesting- mostly about philosophy and dreams. I'm not a big fan of philosophy, but a lot of it really made me think.

At the moment I'm obsessed with Michael Bublé! Who is he, you ask? He's a 25 year old swing/jazz/blues singer from Vancouver who's got a smooth Sinatra-like voice. I love the songs Down With Love (which is a really cute movie, BTW!), Fever, Moondance, and How Can You Mend a Broken Heart. I can't stop listening to his album, it's soooo good! :P

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December 19, 2003

Friday Five

1. List your five favorite beverages.
Water, milk, bubble tea, milk tea, and (during this season) Starbuck's Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

2. List your five favorite websites.
Orsinal: Morning Sunshine, Nobody Here,, IMDB,

3. List your five favorite snack foods.
Baskin Robbins ice cream (Mint Chocolate Chip, Winter White Chocolate), chips (sour cream and onion, ketchup, all-dressed), Oreo Mint'n Cream cookies, Bits 'n Bites, homemade treats.

4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.
Monopoly, Clue, Pictionary, Cheat, and Burn Your Neighbour.

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games.
You Don't Know Jack, Diddy Kong Racing, Super Smash Brothers, Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario Party series.

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December 16, 2003

9 Days 'Til Christmas...

... and I still haven't started my Christmas shopping! :O The tree's not up yet, nor have I started writing any Christmas cards... yes, I'm so behind this year.

This past term has been the most stressful school term EVER. Pure wretchedness. I figured after classes were finally over and done with, I'd feel SO much better and be able to relax before I started studying for my exam.... but no. We got an extension on our computer assignment until the following Monday so I was working on that assignment the whole weekend. Then, Monday night I had to re-work one of my drawing assignments to hand in on Tuesday. In addition to these assignments, I also had drama design and production meetings and had to go costume shopping for an actor that was assigned to me.... and then study!

So now that my exam is over I still don't feel that huge sense of relief that I was anticipating over the weekend. Firstly, because the exam sucked. Secondly, I found out that instead of buying something for my actor, I would have to MAKE a skirt. I know how to sew, but the prof wants me to design the pattern myself instead of buying pattern templates. So time consuming! And thirdly, I still gotta prepare 2 lecture outlines for a potential job offer on a cruise.


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December 13, 2003


It's 2 am and I'm studying for my exam on the main level of my house. A few minutes ago someone was rapidly ringing the doorbell and BANGING on the door. I got so scared and I hid behind my computer. I waited a while longer and the ringing and banging started again... and then again! I was terrified. I waited a while longer (by this time I was on the ground). Then I crawled to the hallway and looked around the corner to see if someone was still at the door. Then I bolted into the kitchen, grabbed the cordless and intercommed my parents. Then my dad ("why didn't you open the door?" -what?!) came down to check to make sure nobody was there anymore. So now I'm typing up my cheat sheet with the lights out. So creeeepy!!!!!!

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December 12, 2003

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

I just received my first Christmas card today... it's from my M.P. representative, haha! But the picture of the interior of the Parliament building all lit up in pretty lights is really nice! I can't wait until my exam's over so I can put up the tree and start my Christmas shopping! Hooray!

Speaking of shopping, last weekend I was in a store looking at some clothes. This salesgirl comes up to me and says "I hope you spend your husband's money!" Excusez-moi??!! Do I really look old enough to be married?? How insulting! :P Plus, you don't think I can actually afford these things myself that I have to depend on someone else for moolah? That girl needed to be slapped, hehe.

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December 4, 2003

Eyeball Exhibit

There's the Eyeball Exhibit tomorrow night showcasing Visual Studies students' works. If anyone is interested in the party, it's from 6-9 pm at 1 Spadina Crescent. (Oh, and I'm going to be displaying some of my work too!)

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December 3, 2003

This Is How Ice Cream Is Made

Haha, so cute!

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