October 31, 2004

Happy Hallowe'en!

An uneventful Hallowe'en this year. Didn't give out candy; I just stayed in all day preparing for my capstone presentation that has to be 30 min to an hour long. Boooooo (not in a Hallowe'en spirit sort of way but a sucky boo).

Friday morning was pretty terrible. Aside from not having slept at all that night from preparing my seminar presentation for my landscapes class, I only got to start my collage assignment at 7am that was due later that afternoon. I slapped together a bunch of things together in a mad rush to finish by 8:30 to catch the bus. As if my morning wasn't hectic enough, the printer wasn't working so I had to try to fix it in order to print my presentation notes. I did manage to catch an early bus with a schoolmate, but on the bus I realized I was talking to him about my collage, yet it was nowhere in sight. I jumped off the bus at the next stop, bolted back home to pick up the piece of garbage that I'm passing off as art, then run back to my bus stop, and made it just in time for the next bus. By that time I thought I was going to faint, having neither slept nor eaten very much. It was rush hour on the subyway so I had to remain standing all the way to school- I thought I was gonna die. I almost fell asleep in both my classes, even during my seminar presentation when one of my group members was speaking. That was my first all-nighter of this school year, and hopefully the last. I'm getting too old... my body can't handle it any more! Luckily by late afternoon I got a second wind. After my last class Christian came back home with me to carve a pumpkin! He's got mouldy hair and super cute bear ears. I named him Winnie. He lights up in the dark. He's so cool!

Posted by mich at October 31, 2004 10:24 PM
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