January 27, 2004

Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Woo, so much snow's been falling during the last couple of days. Strangely enough the snowfall is crazy downtown but not up north in my area. Night classes were cancelled yesterday and today, but I didn't get to benefit from cancellations. They should have cancelled classes the whole day today... it was like a white-out today. Last night was the preview of Fefu and Her Friends so I was at school until 10 pm. The show was great. Even though it was my 4th time seeing it, watching it with other audience members gave it more energy so the time flew by.

On my walk back home today after school I saw 2 people on my street using SNOWBLOWERS. My question is: Why do people in Toronto need snowblowers?? It's only a few centimeters of snow on your driveways!

In other news, I got back home last night and checked me e-mail... I got a job interview with Microsoft!! Yippeeeeee! I want the job SO much. It's a summer internship in Seattle. I applied for 2 testing positions that are pretty similar to what I did during my PEY internship. I know I wasted too much time though on the resume and cover letter. I basically had everything done a few days before the deadline, but I kept spending hours on it making small changes and focusing too much on the little details. I doubt they even made a difference. Anyhow, now I should prepare for the interview. The competition is so stiff- the company' is recruiting from 63 schools in Canada and the US, including schools like Harvard, M.I.T., and Carnegie Mellon. Yikes! :O

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January 24, 2004


After doing last minute work day and night on the drama production, there are only a few more days left before the show finally opens on Tuesday night... yes! I'm already so bored of the play- I watched it 3 times within the last 24 hours. That's 6 hours of watching the show!! I'm also quite concerned about my actor's costume. I did a lot of finishing touches today, but her skirt looks longer at the front than the back because the waistband keeps creeping up her backside (and it won't stay because of the shape of her body). I also had to reinforce some seams so that they don't bust open when she's rolling around on the floor. Plus, there's a dark mark that appeared on the front of the skirt from last night's rehearsal when a wheelchair fell on her. She's alright, but I don't know about the skirt... I hope the marks come out :O *sigh* Hopefully everything will turn out alright for the show opening... (fingers crossed)

[Shameless plug] Come see the show (and the lovely set and costumes)! It runs from Jan. 27 to Feb. 7 Tuesdays to Saturdays @ 8pm and tickets are only $8 for students :P [End of shameless plug]

(Click on the image to enlarge)

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January 22, 2004

Happy Chinese New Year!

This year's the year of the monkey. Good fortune and prosperity for everyone in the new year!

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January 21, 2004

I'm Mikan Boya

What San-X Character Are You?
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January 17, 2004

Photo Albums

I finally have some albums set up in my albums page. I still want to add more to my php scripts so that I'll have descriptions associated with the images. But one step at a time... :P

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January 15, 2004

Hey Watch It Buddy, You Were a Pedestrian Too

I hate those drivers who have no consideration whatsoever for pedestrians. You know, the ones who just cut off people in the middle of walking to squeeze in for a right turn just to save a few seconds of waiting. Those who continue moving their car towards you when they want to turn while you're still walking across the street. This morning I was crossing the street and the traffic going in my direction lets up, allowing cars to turn left where I'm walking. The first car turns right in front of me, and then the next and the next, and so on. So I was basically standing in the middle of the road waiting for these cars to turn... um people, do you not see a pedestrian standing in the road who was in the process of crossing? Jeez. Then the 2nd last car to make the turn all of a sudden loses control from the snowy surface and starts veering towards me. I had to jump back a bit and he steered the opposite way. A little zig-zaggy dance ensued and he finally regained control. Eeediot. Finally by the time the last car had turned the light turned yellow and I had to backtrack to the side of the street from which I started! What frustration.

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January 14, 2004

Hungry, Cold, Tired, Sore, and Hungry

Today my body is in a world of pain. The soreness has appeared in my legs, arm, and back so I've been moving especially slow. And my schedule on Wednesdays is nasty- noon until 9pm. It was snowing a lot downtown (and windy too) so I was getting all this snow blowing up my bare leg... gah it was freezing! *Note to self: never wear my fob pants in the winter*

My class ended at around 8:40. My told me to take the bus home because the roads were so poor (nooooo!). So I figured I could catch the bus at 9:30. But the streetcar took forever to come, and when it finally did arrive it was jam packed so it took a while to squeeze everyone in. Then I figured I could relax while on the subway ride back home, but the subway trains were jam packed too. It was so late and the cars were still so full... boo! Not only that, I got to Finch at 9:35 and had to wait for the 10:00 bus to come... all the while not having had anything to eat since 6 (which was just an apple). I hate Wednesdays!!

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January 13, 2004

Here Birdie Birdie

Badminton today at the AC with Cass, Christian and Tony was soooo fun! I haven't played in years. I was so rusty at first... all you could hear was *ding* when I was hitting the birdie because it was hitting the frame of my racquet! Hehe! I ended up scraping my knee from diving for the birdie (ouchie). Now I'm so sleepy and my arm feels like rubber. Can't wait to play again next week!

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January 10, 2004

Bush in 30 Seconds

Check out this site: Bush in 30 Seconds. It's an political ad contest to best explain what Bush and his policies are really about. The site is now showcasing the 15 finalists in the contest, which will be judged by a bunch of celebrities and political figures. My favourite ads are "Polygraph" and "What are we teaching our children?". It really is scary what Bush is doing to the world.

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January 9, 2004

PHP Pundit... ?>

Yayayaya! I just coded my first significant chunk of PHP code for my photoblog! It's going to handle my images from different albums that I didn't enter as blog entries. I was looking around on other sites that handled albums of images and I thought everyone coded the stuff themselves, but it turned out they use an image organization system to do it all. Well, if I knew about that before I would've saved myself a lot of trouble! I could've gone the easy route and used one of the systems but I already spent so much time and energy trying to figure out PHP. But now that I got it working finally it feels GREAT! And now I know PHP :) I still want to add some more functionality to my pages and make them look pretty first though so I still have a bit of work left to do...

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I was reading the Toronto Star today and I stumbled upon this article. Here's a tidbit:

Pop culture is giving the English language a nudge once again, and this time it's because we all may have been spending a little too much time with our Friends.

So much so, in fact, that the hit NBC series has left a lasting legacy on the way we speak, propelling one humble word — "so" — from the top of the ratings to the tips of our tongues.

In the new report "So Cool; So Weird; So Innovative" University of Toronto researchers Sali Tagliamonte and Chris Roberts credit the sitcom for how often we use the word to emphasize another word. As in, "That was so good."

That is sooo me. Who knew Friends influenced how I speak?

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January 4, 2004

And the Work Pays Off...

Woohoo, after a week of working until 3 or 4am each night on my site I've finished two more sections! *Jumps for joy* I haven't made links to them on this page yet, but that will come soon. I had been playing around with so many different things, including working with iframes in my about section and PHP in my photoblog. I still have a few additions to make to the photoblog but otherwise, everything is pretty much done :D

Now to start working on that skirt... gah.

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January 3, 2004

Year in Review

In talking with Jason last night, he asked me to post the events that stood out the most for me in 2003. So lemme try to remember...

Skiing for the first time since 1995 (it felt so great) · seeing Saba have so much fun on the little baby hill (not even the bunny hill!) · getting bronchitus in March and May and having everyone think I had SARS both times · walking around Montréal with my middle sister in heavy snowfall and walking right into le Festival Montréal en Lumière by accident, where we then waited in line with little kids to go snow tubing · meeting Yvonne during her stay in Toronto · going up the CN Tower for the first time and enjoying at yummy dinner at the 360 restaurant · getting covered in streamers at the Blue Man Group performance with Justine and Brad · Dennis buying a shirt I wanted at the Coldplay concert to rub in the fact that I couldn't get one in my size · playing ping-pong with Tommy, Janice, and Nelson during lunch · visiting Las Vegas where I lost my camera and got so upset that I didn't get to try the Cheesecake Factory as planned · gambling for the first time at Luxor and having the dealer ask for my ID, then telling me where to put my money, and then telling me where to put the chips · experiencing two rounds of layoffs and an acquisition at Ironside · going out to dinner after the David Copperfield show with my youngest sister, Dennis, his "buddy" Kelvin (who had just met him a few days before), Kelvin's "friend" Vivien (who he had met a few days before as well), and Vivien's friend who we all just met that day · meeting with Lucy in Montréal for the first time since 1999 · stargazing and playing Clue by candlelight during the blackout (and learning that my youngest sister is really a pyromaniac) · meeting Ryan Malcolm at the Mariah Carey concert · a night out at Einstein's with Jason and Jen (I won't go into the details :P) · waiting outside Roy Thomson Hall with Justine and Darryl for a famous person to walk down the red carpet, only to realize that we had just missed Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins · pulling a gazillion all-nighters and suffering emotional breakdowns · getting into a nasty argument with our "superstar" · getting punked real good by my CSC318 group ("we're switching back to the fridge for the last assignment!") · trying Thai food for the first time at Purple Rice with Justine.

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January 2, 2004

World Idol

Anyone see World Idol last night? It was a surprising victory for Kurt Nilsen of Norway, who scored the maximum number of points in every country except one. I really liked his performance the week before and I was rooting for him, but the fact that he did that well was unexpected. I'm sure Kelly was in disbelief too from the look on her face! LOL! She's a great singer and all, but the hosts kept talking about Kelly this and Kelly that - it was so arrogant - so it was cool to see her be beaten by what one judge referred to as a "hobbit".

And I don't understand why Ryan scored so low in practically every country! I honestly thought his performace was really good. He only did really well in the Pan-Arabic region. But the results in that region were totally messed up- clearly politically driven. I mean, the German guy came in first place for heaven's sake! He was terrible! And guess which idols were at the bottom? The American and British.

Speaking of which, I went skating at Nathan Phillips Square this afternoon and Zack Werner was skating there as well with his family. He doesn't look so mean in real life... :/

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