June 25, 2004

I Love Google

I just got Gmail yesterday; Hershey was nice enough to give me his account :) It's pretty nifty, although I have issues with parts of the interface design. But 1Gb of space... can't complain!

And who knew Google was a lot more than just your typical search engine? Check out these Google search tips. Calculater? Atlas? Department of Motor Vehicles? What more can it possibly be?

And as if we couldn't get any more of Beckham (aka cherry picker), here are some funny links:

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You Know You're Growed Up When...

you start reading the Business section of the newspaper.

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June 24, 2004

What a Relief

I'm so happy about today's quarter-final game between Portugal and England! It was so awesome; tied in regulation time, tied in overtime, and then Portugal finally won 6-5 in penalty shots. Best moments: Beckham pulling a Baggio (ahahaha!), and the Portugese goalie scoring the winning shot after having just saved one. 'Twas so sweet!

I didn't get to watch the game live, so by the time I got home to watch my tape, I pretty much figured out what had happened from the way my dad and sister were acting (didn't help that I was waiting in the car forever when my dad stumbled upon the live shootout while he was supposed to be buying a simple bag of milk... BIG giveaway; plus he was laughing like crazy when he came back to the car!). It would have been so exciting to watch it live, but I would have been incredibly stressed out!! It's all good... my boys made me proud. :)

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June 22, 2004

Yet Another Online Quiz

The Dandelion

The dandelion sees the magic of the world and is aloft in an overwhelming sense of union with the beauty of the universe. This is often translated into a fluency with the language, a poetic sensibility and an ability to see beyond the measure of the day to day. The inner beauty of the animate world often preoccupies the Dandelion, a sense that there is a union in all the life forms of nature.

Because of the ever-present reality of the abstract world, a dandelion may often seem to be living in a higher realm, or to be not-of-this-earth. Prone to fantasy and the imagination, Dandelion children often create entire legions of imaginary playmates. In an adult this can on occasion lead a Dandelion to imagine interior lives for friends and associates that are near-complete fabrications based on the Dandelion's fears or hopes for the future.

Source: Colorgenics

Sooo, in a nutshell: I'm crazy.

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June 20, 2004

A Blast from the Past

Went to the Dragon Boat Festival this afternoon. Met up with Chris and we hung out around the island, which was pretty fun. I knew Maggie was going to be at the festival too so I was looking out for her. Thought she was racing, but turns out she was volunteering at the docking area where my youngest sis was also volunteering. I didn't see Maggie until I was on the ferry back to the city; she was standing right across from me and I didn't even recognize her. I was thinking that it looked like Maggie but not really, so I just let it go. But then she asked "Are you Michelle?"... she didn't really recognize me either! I hadn't seen her since grade 9. Amazing how much you can change.

Speaking of change, at the restaurant we went to tonight in Chinatown, I ended up speaking briefly to this girl who was asking me how long we were waiting for a table (we were waiting for an hour). Later on, I recognized Catherine from Ottawa, who I haven't seen since 1995. My mom and I went over to talk to her, and then realized that the girl I was speaking to before was Daria! We caught up on what they were up to; Catherine's doing her 3rd year in residency while Daria's doing her 7th year of her PhD. It's so great bumping into people you haven't seen in ages!

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June 18, 2004

No Longer an Unemployed Bum

Totally unexpected. However, I'm super happy.... yesssss! Now I won't be bumming around the house all summer.

I went to visit Ironside with the good ol' PEY gang today during noon hour. It was Janice and Nelson's last time visiting before heading back to Hong Kong so we went around the office to see everyone. Well, it turned out that one of the current PEYs was leaving today, so one employee suggested that I come back in the summer as a replacement. My former manager had a talk with the VP, got it approved, and later on while I was out to lunch I received a phone call asking me to start work on Monday! After all my searching for a summer job, I ended up getting one within the span of an hour :)

Now I just gotta straighten out my sleeping schedule so I can wake up at a decent hour next week.

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June 14, 2004

Eurocup 2004 Kicks Off

Yesterday's game between England and France was sweet! I thought France had lost for sure, then they come back with 2 goals within mintues of each other in stoppage time. Hahaha, Beckham is so useless... he's just an overpaid underachiever. Not that I'm a big fan of France; I don't like either teams, but France is just the lesser of the two evils. I'm rootin' for Spain and Portugal (but what was up with Portugal's lousy playing on Sat??).

In geeky news, I've switched hosts (to 1&1) and got everything up and running again. One annoying thing that I keep encountering is that whenever I post a new blog entry on this site I get an internal server error message page, but my posts are still published. Everything is fine though when I post an entry on my photoblog. Boo, I miss my old host.

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June 8, 2004

Site Going Down

I'm switching hosts so this site will be down for a bit... dunno when, dunno how long (hopefully not long). I just hope that nothing gets screwed up! >_<

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June 7, 2004

What Pie Flavour Are You?

find your inner PIE @ stvlive.com

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June 6, 2004

Photos Galore

Got my photos back on Friday :) I developed my own as well as rolls taken with Cass' camera. I only ended up taking 8 rolls on my camera (I had brought 18 rolls for the trip) because I dropped my camera numerious times and it finally broke on the 6th day. Oops. :( I ended up using Cass' APS camera for the rest of the trip, but I didn't go nearly as crazy with shooting as I did with my own camera.

My photos came out pretty well; I'm quite happy with a few of the shots. Especially the one in Shibuya overlooking a crowd of people crossing the world's busiest intersection. As for the pics from Cass' camera, they turned out really dark and grainy with really dull colours... it's depressing to even look through them! Darn it, I would've been better off with disposables :/

I watched the third Harry Potter movie today and I thought it was great; way better than the previous two. The cinematography was amazing, with creative shots and entrances into scenes. Too bad this director won't be directing the next one.

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June 3, 2004

Home Sweet Home

Although I loved being in Japan and Hong Kong, once I came back to Canada I realized how good it feels to be home. I'm loving this balmy sunny weather, and I missed driving around in my car with the windows rolled down. The first morning back, I was so taken aback how green it was outside... before the trip, the grass was still yellowy from winter and the trees were just starting to bud, and in Japan and Hong Kong all I saw was pavement. I also can't get enough of fruits and vegetables; I can't tell you how deprived I was while I was in Japan. Their oranges costed 100 yen each (which is like $1.30)!! It was ridiculous.

On the flip side, I am totally missing hearing Japanese and interacting with Japanese people. They just always put a smile on my face and made me want to bow all the time. And the way they spoke was just so CUTE!!

I get back my pictures from the trip tomorrow, and I'm super excited! I'm already debating what kind of album to get since it's a mix of APS and 35 mm shots... sticky back or pockets? What kind of labelling system to use? Mix everyone's sets together or keep them separate? Hmmm, decisions decisions.

I watched two movies yesterday: American Splendor and Matchstick Men. Both were excellent movies. American Splendor mixed film with comics with documentary to tell the story of a file clerk who made comics about his every day life. Matchstick Men was brilliant; the ending totally caught me by surprise... and I must admit, as much as I don't like Nicholas Cage, he was pretty amazing in this movie.

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