July 29, 2004

Qualms of Travelling Alone

Earlier today after talking with a co-worker, I was convinced that I should go on a trip to California alone. I was going to be adventurous and brave. I told my mom about my plan and she was fine with it, and I even came thisclose to booking a ticket. But then, nervousness struck as I thought about walking the streets of LA at night by myself... and I chickened out. Time to reconsider the solo travel idea again.

Pros: totally new and different experience, become more independent and rely soley on myself, learn more about myself, push myself further and test my limits, forces me to be more outgoing

Cons: just considering a trip alone makes me nervous, it'll be quite lonely at times, a girl travelling alone can be unsafe, don't get to share my experiences with anyone

Tomorow I'll try to muster up some more courage.

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July 27, 2004

Calm After the Storm

I started the arduous task of cleaning out and re-arranging my room yesterday. I probably spent about 6 hours taking out everything from boxes and drawers and going through piles of stuff I've collected over the years. I still had an Ontario Place visitor guide from '94 during my visit to Toronto that summer. My room was a disaster last night- it looked like a tornado had whirled by. I could barely make my way through space without stepping on something. Today I spent another 5 hours chucking out hoardes of stuff and re-arranging the things I've kept in order to make more space for new things I'll accumulate :P Honestly, by the time I finished cleaning, I had over 25 pounds of recyclable material to get rid of (filling up a box and a bag), a bag of garbage, and 3 bags of things I didn't want to keep anymore but didn't have the heart to throw out. Looking around my room now, it looks so tidy and spacious. I LOVE the feeling after having cleaned for so long. Now I just have to finish vacuuming tomorrow morning before I head to work, and then move my computer up to my room once I get my new LCD mon.

Soon I need to head over to IKEA to look for a new bed frame and night table; the ones I currently have now are from when I was a kid, so they're all covered in stickers and scribbles LOL. This is the bed I'm eying from IKEA- it totally matches with my other furniture I bought from there. I adore that store.

All that cleaning has made me sleepless. I gotta wake up at 7am tomorrow. Yikes.

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July 25, 2004

I Wish Summer Wasn't Going By So Quickly

Yesterday I went to a volunteer recruitment session for the Toronto International Film Festival with Cass and Jen. We signed up for shifts at the Isabel Bader Theatre right on the U of T campus for convenience. I'm quite excited- should be fun!

The session lasted for 2.5 hours after which I met up with Justine, Brad and Michelle for "lunch" for about an hour at Duke of Richmond. Michelle and Justine were going to go with me to the Beaches Jazz Festival but they ditched me! Justine went back uptown for her b-day dinner with family and Michelle went off to go shopping instead. I met back up with Cass and Jen, who had both gone shopping at the Eaton Center, because Cass said she was going to go to the Beaches too. But she ditched me too to continue her shopping. T_T

So in the end it was just Chris and I who went off to the Jazz Fest. We walked along Queen St. East and along the boardwalk and back up to Queen. After 7pm all the bands started playing outside stores and restaurants- many of them playing blues and country...?? I didn't understand that. We only encountered one band playing big band jazz, and we only caught less than a minute of their playing before they packed up! :( We had dinner at a Thai restaurant then headed to Elmocambo for the Emily Haines solo show. It was so unbearably hot in that place, but luckily I had my TIFF volunteer booklet to use as a fan. The show was pretty good- Emily came out at 11pm and played until midnight. The songs she played were slow and mellow and included a few Metric songs. It was just her pretty voice and the piano, which made for a beautiful performance. Too bad she was so shy... she came out blindfolded and barely turned around from the piano to face the audience. But at one point she stopped playing and started doing the robot on the stage, which provided some laughs.


I'm finally getting my LCD monitor tomorrow!! It's been almost a year since I've had my computer, yet I didn't have my own monitor. I've been using an old CRT mon from 1995; it takes up too much space so I've had to use my computer downstairs. Now I've got to clean up my bedroom to finally make space for my computer. Now comes all the distractions: TV, movies, music, MSN :O I hope I don't become a hermit in my room.

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This Sums It All Up

Unhappy at the resistance she feels whenever she tries to assert herself. However, she believes that there is little she can do and that she must make the best of the situation.

- Source: ColorQuiz.com

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July 18, 2004

My Last Course Enrolement Ever

I enrolled in my courses on Tuesday. I only have 3 more half courses in art that I need to take in order to finish my visual studies major. I've already finished my comp sci major last year but I'm going to take a few more CS courses out of interest. The toughest part about enrolement this year was trying to select electives that will fit in nicely with my schedule. I have some courses that I really want to take, but it will make my schedule soooo ugly. For example, class at 9am-noon, then my next class from 6-9pm. How brutal is that? I know for a fact that I will develop at hatred for Tuesdays if I keep this scheduling. I considered a lot of different electives to take for this year: Biological Rhythms, Intro to Classical Mythology, Music in the 1960's, Global Cities, Chinese Migration, History of Espionnage, Architecture, Media and Technology, and Modern Standard Japanese. So many fun courses, so little time :(
So here are the courses that I'm enrolled in or trying to get into:

  • :: Introduction to Databases
  • :: Database System Technology
  • :: Capstone Design Project
  • :: Computer Science Project
  • :: Collage
  • :: Integrated Photobased Explorations
  • :: Visual Studies Internship
  • :: French Language Practice I
  • :: Global Cities

Tuesday afternoon I went to Aldo and bought these adorable kitty shoes on sale. How cute are they? And so cheap! $25 bucks man. :)

That night I went to the Harbourfront with Vanessa, Chris, Cass and her friend Elaine to watch the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's "Symphony Under the Stars". I quite enjoyed it; they played the crowd pleaser pieces. I only wish we got to sit in the seats rather than on the ground in the back. I couldn't see anything but peoples backs who were standing in front of me.
This weekend was a pretty fun weekend. Friday night I met my clubbing quota for the year by going to Distrikt for Kel's birthday. The club was alright; I just wished it wasn't just r&b and hip-hop music. I like more variety... we had like 5 minutes of house and then it reverted back to the same old. Saturday afternoon I went shopping with Cass around Yorkville and Eaton Center. That night I went out for a 12-course dinner with my family and relatives. I took the subway to Leslie station and my dad told me it was 1100 Sheppard, east of Leslie. So I started walking east, yet it was barren! I started jogging since I figured it would be a long way to go and I was going to be late. I passed by a building and the number said 1300. I was thinking, jeez, how long will I have to jog for? But I got a phone call from my family asking where I was... it turned out that it was actually *west* of Leslie. So I totally exited through the opposite end of the station and missed all the stores I was supposed to have seen. Today I just chilled out at home and went to the gym. Tomorrow, the start of another work week. *Sigh*
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July 7, 2004

What in the World...

I came up with design for the CSSU agenda cover a couple of days ago. Can you see what the picture is? Some responses included teeth and last year's formal, but it's a picture of the inside of a computer. It actually doesn't bother me that people can't easily distinguish what it is; I quite like the effect and the slight ambiguity. I modified it again last night with a few suggestions from Jon (thanks mr. graphic designer) so that some squares are tilted and the type is more balanced. I definitely think this is more dynamic and interesting than the original, where the squares where falling neatly.

Ooh, I bought a Norco bike yesterday. It's sorta like a mountain bike, but not designed for hardcore mountain biking. Basically I'm going to use it to ride around my neighbourhood and some bike trails (don't know of any yet). I tried a hybrid bike but the wheels were too thin; I felt kind of wobbly and was scared I was going to lose my balance! That's the main reason I went for the bike I have now: thick wheels = michelle staying on the bike :)

In geek news, I've just started using the Mozilla Firefox browser today. I found out about it when I had to do some testing at work; it's pretty similar to IE, but without all the security flaws! The thing that I hate about IE is the organization of bookmarks and how they're managed (which is the reason why I kept using Netscape for the longest time). I mean, the names of the bookmarked sites aren't allowed to have characters like : | / ?... etc. so they'd be replaced with underscores. I know I'm probably the only person disturbed by this, but it's so ugly and the name of my bookmark does not match the name of the website title anymore! Plus now I get to use separators for my bookmarks again, yipppeee. And you can have themes for the browser too with cute littel icons and such. Luvly!

*Updated with a picture as requested by Tony :P *

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July 3, 2004

Canada Day in Toronto Depresses Me

Why? Because there's never any good celebrations here. But it didn't matter anyway since I had to work yesterday. We got our holiday today instead so that we would have a long weekend. I only had a half day anyway as my manager let us off whenever we wanted. So I went home to watch the Czech vs. Greece game. The game was quite boring; Czech had so many great opportunities, but they kept missing the goal. Can't believe that Greece got that corner kick goal. Ouch. So looks like the first and final game of the tourney will be Portugal vs. Greece. How exciting is that? But this time around it'll be Portugal to win :)

At night I went to see the fireworks at Ontario with a bunch of friends. They weren't that great (but I had low expectations for them anyway). After the show, instead of taking the streetcar back to Union Station, we decided to walk, which took about an hour.

Today I slept in until noon, went jogging, then headed downtown to go bike shopping. I wasn't successful in finding the right bike (they were either not comfortable or not available in my size). I saw the Norco lifestyle bikes at one store; I love the style but they didn't have my size. I tried out a mountain bike that drove pretty well, but I didn't find the seat to comfy. I met up with Chris a little before 5:00 and we went to a couple more bike stores, but I didn't see anything that I liked. Walked around Queen Street area, then watched Fahrenheit 9/11 at Paramount at 6:20. The movie was really good; comical scenes one moment, then you witness some appalling things the next. It was amazing how Moore found all that information and presented all the links between the Bush family and the Bin Ladens and the Saudis. After the move we had dinner at Korean BBQ, where we inadvertantly had some ox tongue :/ Hehe, but we couldn't taste the difference between that and the other meats (probably because they were all charred)! Later went to Milwaukee's to meet up with Michelle for Stacy's birthday, but we didn't stay long. Chris and I were planning to catch a fringe play called Fish and For Dessert at 11pm (this girl I worked with on the drama production just saw me on the street today and gave me a free pair of tickets), but it turned out that my dad wouldn't be able to pick me up so late from the subway station, so then I just went home. And that was my "holiday".

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July 1, 2004

Pride, Football and Strawberries

Sunday went to the Pride Parade with Cass, Tony, and Chris; met up with Jon as well and had a great time. That night I went to dinner at Tundra with Ravit, Justine and Michelle for the Mirvish theatre package dinner. For starter we had belgium endive with st benoit blue cheese, peaches, toasted walnuts, raspberry vinaigrette, then I ordered grilled grain fed chicken breast with garlic whipped potato, green asparagus and roasted shallot jus for the main course and then we had strawberry and rhubarb cake. The dinner was quite yummy, but the blue cheese in the salad was so disgusting (what's up with the spiciness?).

Who watched the Portugal vs Netherlands game today? Portugal was awesome! I'm telling you guys, they're gonna win the EuroCup! *fingers crossed* Although the score was 2-1, Portugal ended up scoring all the goals, haha! And they were all really great goals too! Cannot wait to see the final game on Sunday... woo hoo!

Today I just found... get this... strawberry white chocolate cookies!! When I saw these, of course (being the cookie monster that I am), I HAD to get them. Pretty delicious; strawberry flavoured with morcels of strawberries and white chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmmmm *smacks lips*.

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