October 31, 2004

Happy Hallowe'en!

An uneventful Hallowe'en this year. Didn't give out candy; I just stayed in all day preparing for my capstone presentation that has to be 30 min to an hour long. Boooooo (not in a Hallowe'en spirit sort of way but a sucky boo).

Friday morning was pretty terrible. Aside from not having slept at all that night from preparing my seminar presentation for my landscapes class, I only got to start my collage assignment at 7am that was due later that afternoon. I slapped together a bunch of things together in a mad rush to finish by 8:30 to catch the bus. As if my morning wasn't hectic enough, the printer wasn't working so I had to try to fix it in order to print my presentation notes. I did manage to catch an early bus with a schoolmate, but on the bus I realized I was talking to him about my collage, yet it was nowhere in sight. I jumped off the bus at the next stop, bolted back home to pick up the piece of garbage that I'm passing off as art, then run back to my bus stop, and made it just in time for the next bus. By that time I thought I was going to faint, having neither slept nor eaten very much. It was rush hour on the subyway so I had to remain standing all the way to school- I thought I was gonna die. I almost fell asleep in both my classes, even during my seminar presentation when one of my group members was speaking. That was my first all-nighter of this school year, and hopefully the last. I'm getting too old... my body can't handle it any more! Luckily by late afternoon I got a second wind. After my last class Christian came back home with me to carve a pumpkin! He's got mouldy hair and super cute bear ears. I named him Winnie. He lights up in the dark. He's so cool!

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October 30, 2004

Revelation of the Day

I'm Smitten

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October 27, 2004

You Learn Something New Every Day

While doing my readings for a seminar presentation in my Defining Landscapes course I learned that one of the main reasons why the automobile became so central in the lives of post-war North Americans was due to the ruthless marketing strategies of General Motors. They designed cars with "planned obselescence" to keep people wanting the newest car models, and they bought up mass-transit companies only to eliminate them leaving commuters only one choice for transporation: automobiles. Interesting eh? :P

And yes I did learn something yesterday too. Did everyone know you can actually toast bagels in those pop-up toasters? I always assumed they could never fit so I've been employing toaster ovens for all this time. But yuppers, you can toast them in a real toaster... I saw it with my very own eyes today!!

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Instruction #141

Go out and hug somebody!

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October 26, 2004

I Love My Frothy Basement

My basement has finally been finished! Meaning more storage and play room :) I did a cartwheel for the first time since like grade 8 or something. With all that empty space, what else do you do? So how's my basement frothy you ask? The colours I picked for the rooms (light yellow, mauve, and seafoam green) give you the feeling that you've stepped back into the 1950's or something. Nifty! I'm definitely looking forward to decorating the space.

My mom gave me space for all my artwork and other junk; I get my own closet for storage, but it'll be in the bathroom. Ok that's cool, I'm happy with that... until I think about possible leaks and spills from the bathroom creeping along the floor and into my closet :O

I really want to move into the basement now. The bedroom down there is like 1.5 times bigger than my own and has TWO walk-in closets! What girl doesn't want all that storage space?!

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October 23, 2004

Trigger-Happy Shutter-Fingers

The Shift Gallery is showing an exhibition entitled Trigger Happy Shutter Fingers featuring artists' photographic works using different LOMO cameras.

Each artist will be working with a different LOMO camera, all concentrating on distinctive themes to accentuate their respective camera’s strengths. Erin Seaman turns dreams into reality with the Holga, Fotongrapler challenges the XYZ axis with the SuperSampler, Liz Cowie shall repaint the world with the Colorsplash while Fauxreel will play with your perception of perspective with the Pop 9. Originating in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Leningradskoje Optiko Mechanitschéskoje Objedinénie (LOMO) company has been manufacturing single-lense cameras for over twenty years, with a lean towards multi-lense cameras since 1998. During the exhibition, The Lomographic Society of Canada will be accepting images for an on-site LOMO wall, as well as having cameras available for loan and for sale.
Runs until October 31, so I must must must check it out sometime this week... I love lomography! ;)

Last night went to Sandra's b-day dinner at Le Marché at BCE Place. I've always thought the food there was so-so, but the stuff I ate last night was super yummy. Had chicken fajita, BBQ chicken pizza, a bit of apple cinnamon waffle with *real* maple syrup, and of course, some b-day cake :P Gotta love those chinese fruit cakes, where every bite contains a delightful surprise!!

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October 18, 2004

Back In Business

Woohoo, I finally got my MT upgrade all fixed. I like the new version a lot... the interface is so much prettier and it's got a wackload of new features.

I should be studying for my CSC 343 test, but instead I've been photoblogging and doing some more online quizzes. :P


You rule. in 15 years, you won't be as known as you
are now, but most of the people that will know
you then will like you (or else I'll beat them
with a stick). You're nice to listen to.

What band from the 80s are you?
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October 17, 2004

No, I Haven't Fallen Off The Face Of The Planet

Oops, it's been a month... I guess I just got a bit lazy (and busy :P). But about a week ago I tried upgrading my Movable Type version and now I can't connect to my database, which is another reason I haven't blogged a bit earlier. Let's see... what's been up with me lately? During the gobble gobble weekend went to the Metric concert, went wall climbing and checked out the Danish Festival at the Harbourfront Center. But it was too much playing and I paid for it during the week. With a CSC 343 assignment, collage project and landscape project I got barely any sleep, pulling in 2 hours on Thurs. night :/ It's a wonder how I made it through the next day at school, took in the Hamlet play at night and stayed out downtown until 3am. I guess being in CS can turn you into a real trooper :P

Here's a pic I took from my installation I did on Wednesday at Nathan Phillips Square. I call it I call it "Beautiful Garbage"... basically I wrapped up garbage in colourful tissue paper and littered them on the ground among the garbage already on the site to raise environmental awareness. It got a few dirty looks, some puzzled expressions and a lot of hilarious interactions.

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