November 10, 2004


Interior space of the Tea Shop 168 at Yonge and College. I love this design... it's got a futuristic look with a slight retro twist. I took a walk on the wild side and ordered a hot milky mint green bubble tea. My, was it yummmmmy! Oh, anyone wanting to know why the number is 168 rather than some other arbitrary number like, say, 167 should just ask Christian :P

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November 5, 2004

Anti-Structure and Ambivalence

Here's my collage for our second fragments assignment. The final piece deviates from what I had originally envisioned. Actually, the picture I have hear is only half of the piece. When I install it tomorrow the yarn from the canvas will continue down to the ground to produce a soft blue mass... near the bottom there's also a bird's nest. What's it all mean? It's up to you to interpret :P

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November 4, 2004

I'm in Love

I never thought this would happen, but... I want a digital camera! :O More specifically, the Olympus Stylus Verve. It comes in some really bold colours- it's just so darn sexy! And you all know how I'm a sucker for nice design (heck, I'll even buy a CD just for the cover art). For those of you with your jaws still hanging on the floor, don't worry, I could never replace my trusty SLR and other Olympus camera! I could just use this one for fun, plus (as everyone's been trying to convince me) it's convenient, especially considering its size. I've always been wary of picture quality when it comes to digicams, but since this is Olympus, it should be pretty good compared to other ones out there of the same calibre. Have I provided enough justification for getting a digicam, even though I already have three cameras? It's just too pretty to let it go.

In other shocking news... I've decided to learn how to become a decent cook over Christmas break. :O Seeing as I'll have a bit of free time, I'm gonna finish my Japan scrapbook, update my photography sketchbook/journal, and cook up a storm. And I found the perfect book to start learning: Betty Crocker's Cooking Basics: Learning to Cook with Confidence. Looks like I'll be turning into a Martha Stewart in December (minus the whole criminal activity part).

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