September 15, 2005

Film Festival Frenzy

It's already past the halfway mark of the Toronto International Film Festival. It's been fun and exciting, and now I'm feeling utterly exhausted... my mom's been saying I look so "chan" the past few days, and now I'm finally sick :(

I started volunteering on Thursday evening at Roy Thompson for the festival opening gala of Deepa Mehta's film Water. I saw people bringing in the movie reel and it was massive- like the size of a round 2-person table. I was working in the lobby with a group of people without a rep telling what to do... we just basically stood and chatted, haha. That evening wasn't as busy as I had expected since it was a Canadian film, but I did get to see the 2 Canadian Idol finalists, Rex and Melissa (she's so gorgeous!). Unfortunately, none of the volunteers could watch the film that night since the opening and closing nights are invitation only.

Friday evening I worked on the balcony level during the galas for Mrs. Henderson Presents and L'Enfer. I saw Bob Hoskins on stage during the introduction of the first movie, which apparently turned out to be really hilarious. The volunteers don't get to watch the first movie since we have to be ready to direct everyone after it finishes, but we get to watch the second movie. I sat in to watch L'Enfer, which turned out to be really good. It was really different from typical American movies and had a unique narrative style.

Saturday afternoon I worked the mezzanine level for the gala of Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story. The shift turned out to be unbelievable short and we had the chance to stay and watch the movie. I'm really not a big fan of cheesy horse flicks or Dakota Fanning so I skipped it and went shopping instead :P

I didn't have to volunteer Sunday so I went to the Press & Industry screening of Three Times, a Taiwanese film following three stories of a couple in three different eras. The premise of the film sounded really great and it received amazing reviews, but I found it to be way too slow for my liking. After 30 min. into the movie, a whole bunch of people had already left, and near the end of the movie, the guy sitting next to me fell asleep and was snoring.

Monday evening was a star-studded night. It was the gala screening of North Country and Proof. I was working on the main floor so I had the opportunity to watch the speeches before the films. During the introduction of North Country I got to see Charlize Theron (who looked absolutely STUNNING and did a cute little curtsy!), Frances McDormand, Sean Bean, Woody Harrelson and Sissy Spacek, and for the introduction of Proof, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hope Davis came on stage. I got to sit in to watch Proof, which was a pretty good movie. It sort of followed the same lines as A Beautiful Mind (dealing with a crazy genius), but not as good. At the end of the movie, the theatre cast a spotlight on the pod where the cast was sitting and they bowed to everyone... I thought that was pretty nice closing to the movie.

Tuesday I got sick :( I think I completely exhausted myself over the past few days, and working in an AC'd theatre for so long wasn't too good for me. Wednesday I didn't have to volunteer either, so I caught a Press & Industry screening of Romance and Cigarettes, a quirky comedy with unexpected musical numbers popping up throughout the story. Later in the evening Chris and I watched a Spanish film called The Grönholm Method.

Tonight I'm back to volunteering but this time at the Jackman Hall Theatre at the AGO- a tiny venue, so it should be a lot different from working at Roy Thompson Hall. It should be fun, and now I'm off!

Posted by mich at September 15, 2005 3:15 PM


You worked too hard. Take it easy... Hope you get well soon. :)

Posted by: wens@n at September 16, 2005 12:00 AM
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