February 27, 2005

Killing Time

M is for Musical
I is for Innocent
C is for Captivating
H is for Hardworking
E is for Edgy
L is for Liberal
L is for Loving
E is for Expressive
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February 24, 2005

I Miss Reading Week

Only a few days back into school and I still reading week. Apart from that terrible weekend that kick started my break, I had so much fun (too much fun perhaps)! Tuesday was the CSSU ski trip at Blue Mountain that was one misfortune after another (missing ski trip money, bus pickup was 2 hours late, waited another 2 hours after skiing 'cuz the driver lost his keys). But the skiing in between all the mishaps was great :)

The rest of the week was spent in La Belle Province de cheese curds with Chris. Too much playing and not enough work, which is why I've been sleeping so late ever since I got back :( But it was all worth it as I had a blast in Montreal. The highlights of the trip included:

- shopping at Simons and along St. Denis (Miss Swiss has become a new fave store) :P
- eating tire sur neige, roasting marshmellows and tubing down the snow slide at the Festival of Lights
- making breakfast burritos and pasta at Vanessa's place
- visiting the William Kentridge exhibit at Musee d'Art Contemporain
- encountering funny crazy old men hitting people in the head with sticks used for roasting marshmellows

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February 13, 2005

OMG I'm Gonna Cry

I'm tired, frustrated and sick of coding. GAAAAH....... I was looking forward to reading week for the longest time but I didn't expect to get so burned out :( What a terrible start to the break.

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February 11, 2005


Guess who these characters are!

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February 9, 2005


Happy year of the rooster! One of the great things about being Chinese is getting to celebrate another holiday where you receive money and eat lots of food! *sigh* I really am getting old. I remember the last time it was the rooster year I was thinking ahead to how old I would be the next time it came around. TWENTY-FOUR?! Holy jeez, that's OOOOLD!!! And now here I am.

For all my fellow rooster compadres here's what's in store for this year:

The Rooster can expect some conjugal or family challenges this year. To come out well, take the bull by the horns and solve these situations with lucidity and aggressiveness, instead of burying your head in the sand. Remember that nobody can solve problems by fleeing or by pretending that they don't exist. It is all a question of courage. 'It's not because things are difficult that we dare not, it's because we dare not that things are difficult,' as Seneca wrote. Even though a solution may not immediately show itself, an optimistic, philosophical attitude could soften the cutting edge of any obstacles.

And more specifically, here's the forecast for the metal roosters:

Your self-confidence will prove to be your best ally. The stars will favor your professional success by allowing you to profit from superb opportunities. Heartwise, you'll have every reason to rejoice. Harmony will reign in your couple and, if you're free, you could very well meet your great love this year.

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February 5, 2005

My New Camera of Choice

Would anyone like to donate to the "Help Michelle buy a Hasselblad 500-Series Camera"? The goal is $6000 US... much appreciated!

I learned how to use one of these babies today in photography class and I instantly fell in love with them. The viewfinder shows the image with layered depth, the shutter sound is so rich, the camera body looks so classy AND the lens are Carl Zeiss. *heart flutters* I guess I'll just have to settle for playing around with Vanessa's Holga medium format for now!

This evening I watched Wintercity's closing ceremony show, Malaya at Nathan Phillips Square. It was simply amazing. There were a few instances where I nearly got ran over by a wheeling cart or stilted characters but it was such a unique experience that integrated the audience into the performance. The show lasted an entire hour but unfortunately I ran out of film halfway through. I was trying to save my last frame for an amazing shot, but there were just too many gorgeous visuals to capture! :(

It's playing again Sat and Sun night @ 7pm so go see it peoples!!

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