October 29, 2005

My Job Is Bad For My Health

I thought school was bad for my health (all-nightetrs, irregular sleep/eating patterns), but I've never been under so much physical/emotional stress until I started this job. During the first few days of work, I was given such a low, sucky chair to sit in that I started getting backaches and felt like I was developing carpel tunnel. Turns out they had a whole room of good chairs, and never bothered to hook me up until I had to ask. Next comes the absolute exhaustion I've been experiencing ever since I started work. Not only am I commuting approx. 3 hours every day, but in my first week I ended up working 60 hours, not including my 3 hours of tutoring. Even though I do get paid for those overtime hours, it is SO not worth it. Then there's the issue of the office lighting. The lighting is practically non-existent. During the day it's fine since the loft windows are massive and let in enough light. But come late afternoon, it's so dark that the only light around my desk is coming from my monitor. I have no desk lamp, and the company has none to give me. So my eye's been terribly strained for the past couple of weeks and has finally blown up into an infection. OMG. Dying.

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October 27, 2005

Today's Horoscope

Take everything that's urgent and important and lock them away for a day. Forget it all. Let it be. They've got you running round in circles. With just a little rest, you will return revivified and replenished.

Enough said. Will blog more about my disgruntled life when I have the time (and energy). It's past my bedtime now... I've become an old grandma.

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October 17, 2005

A Great Start To The Week

Oh boy, I'm exhausted. My day started at 6:30am when I had to wake up to get ready for work. It's so wrong to have to get up when it's still pitch black, especially when it's not even winter yet! I brought a 2L jug of water with me since the office doesn't have any water fountains, and ended up having it spill on my lap while I was on the bus... I spent a while in the washroom at the station trying to dry out my jeans. I got to work a bit before 9am but the door was locked. So I kept knocking on the door, yet no answer. I waited and waited, then I heard the door click; the locking system had automatically unlocked at 9. When I walked in, I realized I was the first person to arrive... about a minute later, I realized I had tripped the security alarm when the building started blaring. Of course I started freaking out, and I tried calling the my supervisors but to no avail. Finally the next person came in after 15 minutes and frantically tried to punch in the security code but she didn't even know how to work the buttons. She ended up calling the security ppl to ask them to turn it off. After that whole event, I was stuck with a workstation that required me to log in to an old employee's account. I didn't know the password and neither did anyone else, not even the guy who was just using it last week. Apparently, all you have to do is reboot it to get back into the system... jeez. And my day had just barely even started. The day turned out to be loooong... I was so ready to leave at 6, but my supervisor came back to me with a few fixes to do plus some tinkering with some actionscript. I finally got to leave at around 6:40 and arrived an hour late to the CSC407 lecture. Fortunately, the lecture ended 30 min early so I got back home by 9pm. Now I have an hour left before I *should* hit the sack. The thought of even considering sleeping before midnight is incredibly ludricrous to me, but alas, I'm a working girl now.

OMG I have to tutor french after work tomorrow... I'm gonna die.

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October 16, 2005

Design Monkey (No Longer A Bum!)

Guess who's going to Disneyworld in November?! mememe! I'm über excited for a vacation, especially seeing how I'm going to be worked for the next 3 months (more on that later). I've booked a place through my family's timeshare called Sheraton Vistana Resort, which looks spectacular, aaaand it's located right across from Disney. Apparently, after you visit you can't go back for another 4 years because it's so popular.

So last week I applied to a job on Tuesday evening, then got a call for an interview Wednesday, had the interview Thursday morning, got the job Thursday afternoon, and started my first day on Friday. Whew. And to add to all that, on my first day I was handed 3 projects from the get-go, worked all day without lunch break until 7pm, and have to continue working through the weekend from home for a deadline tomorrow. :X

I'm working for Mindblossom on a 3-month contract to work on a holiday promotional campaign for eBay France. So basically I'm designing and producing ads, banners and whatever other promotional material for the Christmas season. I did some designing this weekend but hit a road block when I realized my computer doesn't have a font that I need to use in my designs. So now I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone from work to send it to me.

I already realized earlier this month that doing corporate/commercial/ad stuff really isn't me; if there's one pet peeve of mine, it's advertisements and the commercialization of everything. But I do think I can learn alot from this job to become a great designer/developer and maybe start my own company further down the road and concentrate on things within the arts & culture industry. Emmm, let's see how it all turns out.

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October 5, 2005

Update On My Boring Life

My life is so blah right now I don't even have the motivation to write about it on a regular basis. So now I'm doing batch updates :P

I volunteered a bit for the McLuhan International Festival of the Future that was last week. Not very fun since there wasn't a big turnout and because everything was super disorganized. The upside was that I got to go to the events for free and got to attend some really interesting talks and discussion panels.

As for the status of my contract with Princess Cruises, I was assigned to leave from LA on November 12, but I'll be deferring it again to start sometime in December. If my sis and I get assigned to the same ship that'd be pretty cool.

I just got a tutoring job last night through Sam to tutor grade 9 French twice a week, so I'll be starting that tomorrow. Holy cow, I can't believe I'm actually going to making some money, woohoo!

Two weeks ago I attended a fashion show by Amber Delicious to celebrate the opening of her store. Here are a few pictures I took that night:

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