July 16, 2006

Silver and Bronze

Yesterday was our dragonboat team's first race, which took place in Waterloo. I'm proud to say that our teams won both silver and bronze medals out of 60 teams... WOOOO! My boat, the Assailants, was the beginner team, so to take away a bronze medal at our first race ever having only practiced 4 times had us jumping for joy. We raced 3 times in total, coming in 4th, then 3rd, and finally, 1st in the bronze race. But holy crow, that race was SO close... we won by 7 milliseconds. Throughout the day between races from 7:30 am to 8pm we killed time playing soccer, frisbee, and football. We were probably a little overzealous with the extra activity because I was all tuckered out before my second race. On top of that, right after the second race, I had to sub in for the intermediate team, the Assassins. Not only was I completely dying from my race, I was made to paddle on the right side of the boat, which I had never tried before o_O OMG, my left arm and shoulder were already burning within the first 30 seconds; I don't know how I lasted that race. We came in first, but it was definitely no thanks to me, haha! Later in the day after all our races, I was approached by some random team that was asking me to drum for their boat in the platinum championship race. I had always wanted to try drumming, but I wasn't sure how long my team was staying at the site for, so I declined. I totally regretted it though because it turned out we were staying til the end to pick up medals anyway. AND if that team won, I would have gotten a platinum medal too!! Gah!

I spent today at the Beach for my dodgeball team's beach picnic party. It was loads of fun playing soccer, dodging water balloons, and playing some great team-building games organized by the Branco, May and Jade. We had a 3-legged race where one person had to go backwards, then a 7-legged race, a limbo competition (which I won!), water balloon hot potato, and a team obstacle course. During one of our soccer games, a couple of weird, sweaty, and hairy men wanted to join our games. One of them was crazy and kept yelling at our teammates. I took him on to try to get the ball, and in the midst of kicking the ball, his sweaty knee banged down on my shin. Gross. That put me out of commission for the rest of the game. Hopefully it doesn't swell up any more ... otherwise I'll be out of commission for tomorrow night's dodgeball game.

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