November 23, 2008

Mindblossom Ordeals Continued

In light of the recent comment to my not-so-positive post about Mindblossom and many personal emails regarding this rant, I am utterly appalled over the same problems that people complain about to me, even after a management turnover that was apparently supposed to turn the company around. New management, same problems.

There was quite some controversy over the posting a year later when the president emailed me accusing me of slander and threatening to take legal action and to contact my web host to remove my site. Of course, they were only mean threats as no serious actions were actually taken. The emails themselves seemed quite desperate and petty, but I stood up to the bullying and held firm on keeping my post up (although I decided to change the title to something less subjective) and responded to them with the following:

D----, I had only just received your emails as I have not had the opportunity to check them in the last while. I find it very presumptuous of you to assume that I had simply tossed the matter aside when it had only been 3 days since your first email. I'm sure you now have an idea of how I felt when I was given the runaround for over a month. With that said, please do not suppose yourself to be the epitome of respect and politeness with your accusations of my "rudeness."

As for the issue at hand: my blog is my journal and I have every right to express my personal opinions and experiences of my every day life. This particular post to which you refer simply documented a chain of frustrating events that I had wanted to share. There was no malicious intent in the post to defame the company, yourself or P---; in fact, the post is in no way, shape or form defamatory since the events I had outlined were completely factual (you yourself had even acknowledged that in your last email). To accuse me of "slander", especially from a blog post written well over a year ago, is utterly ridiculous. I am completely over that experience and expressing myself in writing was a good way for me to do so. As you can see, I have never wasted my time or effort to ever write about or "slander" the company after that particular post.

I understand your concern about the title and I will consider changing it to something less subjective. As for the post, I truly believe I have written nothing defamatory as it simply documented events I experienced.

Then last year in December I received an email from Omar Rizvi, the new VP Finance & Operations, whom I had never met, who had actually apologized to me (the first apology I had received from the company). The email went something like this:

"Basically I wanted to apologize for the bad experience you had with us and let you know that we have been purchased by a large media company. We have a whole new leadership team and many of the people you were dealing with have since left the company. The current leadership team is all about conducting business in a professional manner and taking the company to the next level.

So I would appreciate very much if you could take your blog about us off your site since when you Google us it comes up on the first page and hinders us and our efforts to re-launch our company."

However, a month later I received an email from someone contracted by Mindblossom:

Hi Michelle, We've completed a cabling project for MindBlossom and specified they must pay by cheque upon completion. It's been two weeks and we've received similar excuses to what you've pointed out in your blog ("signing authority" is not here now, etc.). We're going down there today to attempt to collect. The "head guy" you referred to, was that Omar Rizvi at the time? Regards, E---

And just yesterday I received this comment to my post:

A photographer friend is having a similar "nightmare" dealing with Minblossom. They owe her over $10,000 and refuse to pay.

I've taken it upon myself to try and help her out by by getting the word out about Mindblossom = BAD NEWS!!!

dead beats!!!!

Any help you can provide could be useful.

You can read the about the entire situation on their own site. Unbelievable eh? I'm glad I stood my ground; now others will now that they aren't the only ones being shafted by this company.

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